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This moment in time

Although I have academically understood the concept of no past, no future, we only have this moment in time, I read something recently which made me truly understand what is meant by this. Simply, we have an eternal now. Once we grasp the idea of the ‘eternal now’ past and future falls away. Thank you Eckhart Tolle


Shirley Vauvelle . Quirky Sculptures

Love the fun in these items. Just the thing to brighten the darkest of moods

Shirley works in Scarborough and uses white earthenware and under-glazes to make components

and  small sculptures concentrating on layering colour and texture.

These are then assembled together with driftwood, wire, reclaimed maps, vintage magazines and other

interesting finds from local beaches.

One-off contemporary pieces are made which are either hung or freestanding sculptures.

Her inspiration comes from her garden, her love of the coast and the fun of creating objects that are

very individual and quirky, with a tale to tell.

Lovely work, I’d like to hear more about the stories behind the pieces.

Credits to, amongst others,  The Arts Market for their photos.

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ABUNDANCE – Think about it

It really is time we stopped all the nonsense being spouted about abundance. Most of us in the western world have abundance right now. We have clean air, food, clean water, warm clothing when needed, good shoes, a roof over over our heads and access to healthcare not to mention a plethora of electronic devices that were not even dreamt of 10 years ago. So why do I keep meeting people who tell me they are ‘working on getting abundance’ or ‘learning to use the Law of Attraction’? We are not talking about attracting abundance, we are talking about having more, bigger and better. Having more than we need, bigger than anyone else, better than anyone else. Which is fine. But pleeeease can we start being honest. Gratitude is an amazing thing and often bring us more because, gratitude is one of the secrets of attracting more.

Looking Forward to next month

Next month two colleagues and I are facilitating a workshop. We have come together under the name of Noesis to offer a series of workshops.  It is such a joy to work with other professionals who have the same enthusiasm and dedication to working with people to help them live without stress, anxiety and pain. The icing on the cake is we get to run our workshop amid beautiful Worcestershire countryside! I have decided that I want to spend as much of my life as possible surrounded by nature and that includes when I am working!

Time out is okay

I have been beating myself up for the past couple of days because I have not blogged for ages. But, this morning with a bit of reflection I realised it does not matter. I have been busy supporting my parents through a traumatic time, having fun with my beautiful new grandchild and other visitors, playing green bowls, working with two colleagues putting a workshop on EFT together for next month, writing a couple of chapters on infection control for a text book aimed at care staff undertaking a level two qualification and I have been enjoying the Summer. In other words living! It is too easy to be rail-roaded into what we think we should be doing and in the meantime we can miss out on life. It is okay to wander off from the path others expect us to be on so long as we are mindful of the experiences offered to us and recognise them for what they are – our passing ‘here and now reality’. Nothing lasts for ever, the bowling season is over, visitors have gone, time to check on my current reality.

The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing Refrigerators

a clairvoyant journey

After starting my clairvoyant/meditation class, I decided to try and write down the guided steps to grounding that I was being lead through. I often struggle with structure…and struggle without it. I have learned that what I need is an outline for my life. Not something that I HAVE to follow but a guide… Or outline to give me some sort of direction. So… What I am saying here is… Take this… And manipulate it to make it work for you.

We are all different, we all will not need to follow this to the tee. The purpose is to give you the foundation, it is your job to build it into to something magnificent just for you. I hope you find it helpful.


1. First sit in an upright position and place your hand in your lap and your feet on the floor.
2. Close your eyes, take…

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